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    The Promoting Energy Efficient Electric Motors in Chinese Industries (PREMCI) is an international cooperation project supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in the Fifth Replenishment Period, with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the domestic executive agency and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the international executive agency. The PREMCI aims to increase the production capacity of energy efficient electric motors in China and accelerate the promotion of energy efficient motors in the industrial field.

    According to relevant project documents, the project mainly includes four task areas, which are the establishment of a framework of policies and regulations for the production and application of energy efficient motors, production and application of energy efficient motors, financial support and improvement in availability, besides, the promotion of energy efficient motors. A number of targets including market share growth, industrial energy saving and emission reduction have been achieved. However, on account of the huge motor market in China, there is still large space for improvement in the production capacity and the application capacity of energy efficient motors, which have great potential for promoting industrial economic development as well as green and low-carbon transformation.

    In order to promote the project results, including successful practices and demonstration work, to more regions and enterprises, promoting the formation of sustainable policies and market mechanisms, and make the project investment form a positive rolling effect, driving the industry-wide green and low-carbon transformation with its own momentum, and promote the sustainable development of the project and the expansion of the impact of the project results, the sustainable promotion program of the energy efficient motors has been set up, and a number of research results have been formed, which provides reference for the sustainable development of the project.